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Team New Zealand Get One Over Cross-Ditch Rivals In FIM Oceania Historic Road Race Cup

Oceania NZ PR Strip

The newly revamped Trans-Tasman battle of the FIM Oceania Historic Road Race Cup favoured the Kiwis as they claimed a 139-point victory over the Aussies at the 26th International Island Classic, presented by Visit Phillip Island.

The revised format of the FIM Oceania Historic Road Race Cup, designed to create greater parity, more opportunity for all class riders, and a tougher spirit of competition between the nations saw competitors across the four classes; 350cc Forgotten Era, 500cc Forgotten Era, Unlimited Forgotten Era and 500cc New Era take part in the competition. Riders had to qualify for their respective nations, with competitors with the three closest lap times from each country, in each class, selected for the final squads.

New Zealand’s Jock Woodley was the winning team’s top scorer, accumulating 136 points after four strong top 10 finishes in the 500cc Forgotten Era class and three top five finishes in the 350 Forgotten Era class, along with Andrew McLaren who scored four consistent top 10 finishes in the 350cc Forgotten Era class for Team New Zealand, as well as 45 points in the 500cc Forgotten Era class.

Jason Howcroft also proved dependable, finishing inside the top 10 in all four 350cc Forgotten Era races.

Whilst Team Australia’s Martin Craggill was the top individual point scorer amongst the FIM Oceania Historic Road Race Cup contenders, securing 76 points from his four podium finishes in the Unlimited Forgotten Era class, Team Australia was unable to match the consistency of the Kiwis.

The locals struggled with mechanical problems with four out of the team’s 12 riders failing to score any points for Australia.

Team New Zealand will be looking to defend their title at the 2020 International Island Classic.


133 Andrew McLaren 500 Forgotten Era 45
21 Kevin McDonald 500 Forgotten Era 23
626 Jock Woodley 500 Forgotten Era 68
54 Brendan Wilson Unlimited Forgotten Era 0
114 Campbell Stevenson Unlimited Forgotten Era 28
27 Matthew Ineson Unlimited Forgotten Era 27
626 Jock Woodley 350 Forgotten Era 68
389 Jason Howcroft 350 Forgotten Era 51
133 Andrew McLaren 350 Forgotten Era 61
122 Rory Gravey 500 New Era 5
316 Jeff Cameron 500 New Era 41
48 Kevin Lee Dougherty 500 New Era 36



69 Noel Heenan 500 Forgotten Era 9
27 Murray Ogilvie 500 Forgotten Era 0
60 Dave Fuller 500 Forgotten Era 55
16 Martin Craggill Unlimited Forgotten Era 76
73 Glenn Crutchley Unlimited Forgotten Era 0
8 Albert Tehennepe Unlimited Forgotten Era 32
79 Stephen Kairl 350 Forgotten Era 0
289 Robert Heather 350 Forgotten Era 26
82 Andrew Pitman 350 Forgotten Era 54
4 Anthony Carroll 500 New Era 31
285 Glenn Kettle 500 New Era 31
75 Thomas Nash 500 New Era 0


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