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Team Gardner's Off Season

Skate park strip

Team Gardner Racing, supported by Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, are enjoying a change of pace during the European summer off season.  However, the team’s young riders Remy and Luca Gardner are constantly looking for things to do to get their adrenaline fix.  Apart from the off road training they keep up throughout the year, they like to indulge in other activities to keep themselves fit and active.

Remy, who is sixteen is a keen designer/builder, surfer, and movie maker, whilst his fourteen year old brother Luca’s favourite things (apart from motorcycle racing) are surfing, wake boarding and mixing music.  They've got together to combine their other passions, and the results are both creative and useful!  Throughout the past twelve months Remy has designed and built the beginnings of his own personal skatepark in the back garden of their home in Spain. The long term project has evolved whenever there’s been spare time to get the tools out.  He’s spent hundreds of hours welding the frame and drilling and screwing together the large panels that make up the ramps, so the boys and their friends are able to practice and develop tricks on all sorts of skateboards and mini BMX’s.  

Another one of Remy’s innovations has provided hours of fun during the summer.  He's remodelled an old electric MotoX bike, removing the back tyre, adding a bracket and brace, and feeding rope around the rim to turn the machine into a high speed winch.  The winch has been used in the skateboard park to tow board riders up the ramp, in the swimming pool with a surfboard, and at the beach to add more speed to your average skim boarding expedition.  The boys recently made a little film of their beach skim boarding.  To get the best shots for the film Remy made his own 360 degree helmet swivel mount for his Go Pro, and for more drama Luca mixed some music for the footage.  The result can be seen at:

With three weeks to go before the racing starts again in Europe, Remy and Luca will be making the most of their time at home being as creative as they can to keep fit, healthy and sharp.

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