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The Block goes Go Karting

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The Block, one of Australia’s highest rating and popular reality television shows took over the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit recently and there wasn’t a hammer or paint brush in sight.

Arriving in spectacular style via two helicopters landing inside the circuit the presenters Scott Cam and Shelly Craft led the contestants straight to the Go Karts for some fast action fun and spectacular racing for cash to help boost their renovation budgets.

After donning their custom made team coloured racing overalls they got into their team signed go kart ready for action on the 760 metre track which is a scale replica of the real Grand Prix Circuit.

After a few warm up laps and a few spin outs they were ready for action in the first race of the day.

The pair with the best combined lap score was deemed the winner with the cash going their way.

A second race took place to decide pole position with more cash for the winners then onto the final where the real competitiveness came out.

We can’t tell you who won, you will have to watch the show on Channel 9 Wed 27th of August at 7.30 pm however the racing was fast, furious and very exciting.  It was then back to the pits and the winner’s podium complete with flowers and champagne for the winners to celebrate.

The Block contestants thought their day was over and it was time to get back into the helicopters, however there was one more surprise to come. The contestants were then told to enter the garages in pit lane and to their amazement inside was their very own newly painted, race themed Suzukis which they got to do a few laps of the circuit with before heading back to Melbourne to get stuck into their renovations once again.

“This had to be the most scenic setting for any challenge we’ve ever done on The Block.  Phillip Island is one of the world’s best tracks. With dramatic views across Bass Strait from several parts of the track, it really is one of Australia’s most iconic locations.”

said co- host Scott Cam.

The logistics and coordination of a production like the Block has a cast and crew of over 40 people involved who all enjoyed a gourmet lunch provided by the circuit catering staff in the infield café. Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is no stranger to small, large and world scale events and was the perfect location for the Block and their team challenge. 

The Go Karts driven by the Block contestants will be soon replaced by a new fleet of French made SODI RT8 karts worth more than $230 000.  The karts are currently going through an assembly and run-in process in readiness for action by the September school holidays.

“These are no ordinary karts.  Each has a price tag in excess of $8000.  SODI are the Ferrari of the karting world, and we went with them to ensure our fans enjoyed the best karting experience possible,”

said Circuit Managing Director Fergus Cameron.

With state of the art seats and pedals fitted, the karts can be adjusted to make it easier to custom fit drivers.  They allow for a minimum driver height of 140 cm.

“This is great news for young drivers.  Our previous karts had a minimum height of 153 cm, but with the new karts allowing for children as short as 140cm, most 12 year olds will be able to compete.”

 said Cameron

Karting at Phillip Island is super fun for adrenalin junkies through to novices.   Participants can race the clock or one another and push out a series of hot laps in their quest to set the day’s fastest lap.  Lap time print outs are provided for each racer.  Times can even be posted to a driver’s own Facebook site, allowing any top gun to enjoy maximum bragging rights.  All lap times are also posted to the website for all to see.

Fans will be able to race the karts on the Island’s 760m karting track, which is a scale replica of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Open seven days a week, the kart track is adjoined to the Visitor Centre, situated above Southern Loop and overlooking Bass Straight.

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