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Seesaw Weekend For Simpson At Silverstone

Brno2015 Strip

The weekend begun with two practice sessions and a qualifying session. The weather was good and the sun was out and shining ready for the first 30 minutes of practice. Olly quickly got used to the track and was able to get a feel for the bike. A couple of laps in he could feel something was wrong with the bike. The mechanical issues from Brno were still there.

Trying to push on, Olly continued with a few more laps. This only made the extent of the issue worse and he was forced to pull into the pits.

Olly was able to get on the spare bike and get one lap in for the remaining of the first practice session. He was allowed to finish the weekend on this bike, giving the young Aussie the best chance at getting some good results.  

“The spare bike felt miles better”

Said Olly. 

Olly was able to find some good form in free practice 2, getting some good laps in and he felt some setup changes. Finishing the session in 6th place.

The form carried through to qualifying where Olly had good pace and got some good laps in, allowing him to qualify in 7th for the race.

“I was a lot happier with the bike and my time was a lot closer and more competitive straight away with the spare bike.”

Said Olly. 

Saturday saw another sunny day at Silverstone for Race 1. Olly was able to make a good start and managed to pass a few riders going into turn one. In the first few laps he did not attack enough and could not get ahead with the front group. After the long race by himself Olly was able to finish Race 1 in 7th position.  

Sunday was back to typical UK weather with wet and raining conditions. It was a wet 11 lap race, the first for the season. The riders were allowed 3 practice laps and Olly felt good in them but when he was on his sighting lap to the grid after he tucked the front and crashed coming out of the penultimate corner and damaged the bike. He was able to pick the bike back up and get to the grid but he had to start at the rear of the field. He was able to make a good start and passed a lot of riders, however struggled after a few laps with no foot peg and a broken clutch lever from the earlier crash. He also struggled as he had nowhere to put his right foot. Olly was forced to pull into the pits early.

There are 3 races lefts of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, Olly will be giving it his all and trying his hardest to produce some good results.