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The Shannons Nationals for 2013, is the same but different, now being officially “The Shannons Australian Motor Racing Nationals” which is a new recognition of the same great series which really came of age in 2012 with some great racing providing the increased spectator attendance at the Island Round 7 enjoyed great crowds after some disastrous weather conditions for Round 3 saw the circuit inundated with water on the Friday. Never the less some terrific racing ensued on the Australia’s, possibly the world’s most picturesque circuit.

The Australian GT Championship returns to the Island for its first Shannons 2013 debut bringing the world’s most exotica Sports Cars, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Moslers, Aston Martins, Mercedes Benz, Audis, Lotuses and American Iron in the form of Chev Corvettes and Dodge Vipers. The GTs will feature both days with 1 Hour Mini-Enduros on each and their associated pit stop action.

The Radical Sports cars return with two classes in lieu of the previous single 4 Cylinder 1500cc SR3RS specification. 2013 sees the addition of the 2700cc V8 engined SR8RX. Expect some super-fast laps from the SR8s on the Islands new grippier surface. The Radicals will compete in 2 X 8 lap sprints throughout the weekend and conclude with a 50 minute mini-enduro on Sunday.

Rounding out the Sports Car program will be the diminutive PRB Series with a number of 8 lap sprints throughout the weekend.

Speaking of diminutive cars the Suzuki Swift Series tackles the wide open spaces of Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit for the first time with an 8 lap race on the Saturday followed by another mini-enduro on the Sunday as part of the Australian Manufacturers Championship 4 hour Enduro. The twist here is the Swifts will only compete for the first 1 hour, in a novel concept

Last but certainly not least on the program is the race for which Phillip Island gained notoriety in the 1960s & 1970s, the Australian Manufacturers Championship, then known as The “Manchamps”. Whilst the cars have changed from the V8 Toranas, Falcons and Chargers etc to Mitsubiushi EVOs, Subaru WRX and a host of other Hightec Turbo cars mixed with high performance HSV Commodores, FPV Falcons along with Japan and Europe’s best pocket rockets. The end result is the same, 4 hours of grueling punishment at new lap record speeds on a vastly different Island surface to 50 years ago, in fact a different surface to 2012.

Witness records tumble throughout the weekend adding to the 13 new lap records so far this year thanks to the Circuit resurfacing conducted late in 2012. Qualifying and racing from 9.00am each day.

Weekend Pass only $35-00, accompanied, kids under 16 free of charge.

Daily admission also available.

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