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Maintenance Works on Schedule

Overpass Lowered strip

The pedestrian overpass at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit has been carefully and meticulously dismantled for its scheduled maintenance service just in time for its 16th birthday.  

The overpass was built in September 1997 in preparation for the return of the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.  Prior to its installation all pedestrian access to the inside of the circuit was through the tunnel located under the main straight.  The overpass now meant that all pedestrians could safely traverse the track while the tunnel could be restricted to vehicles only.  Since then the overpass has seen an estimated 5.6 million people walk over it in its near 16 year history.

 The bridge weighs a total of 26.8 tonne when fully clad.  With the cladding and flooring removed, the skeleton weighing 20 tonne was lowered to the ground in one section by two cranes.  It was then unbolted and broken into 3 sections and transported back to Hulls Engineering in Leongatha where it was originally made.  It will then undergo a complete sandblasting procedure and be treated with a 3-coat 2-pack epoxy paint

 Maintaining a world class Grand Prix Circuit is an on-going challenge that requires intricate planning and commitment to quality and safety. Following the $3 million track resurface last December, Circuit Operations Manager Tim Greeks now has a team of local contractors including Southern Victorian Contracting, Island Steel, Hulls Engineering and Gow’s Cranes focussed on the overpass project that will cost around $125,000 to complete.

 “This is simply part of our overall maintenance and capital works schedule that we are continually working on throughout the year.  The annual maintenance cost for the bridge is around $10,000 so it’s a significant job we’re undertaking this year and a logistically interesting exercise to get the desired outcome in the timeframe we have to work with” said Mr Greeks

 The job is planned to take 18 days in total.  Four days to dismantle, 10 to transport and treat and four days to erect back in place over the famed main straight aptly named after the first 500cc Grand Prix winner at Phillip Island – Wayne Gardner.

 For further inquiries call the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on 03 5952 2710