Volunteer Officials

Officials play a very important role in the lead up to and during events. Officials provide vital assistance to the competitors over the entire weekend through a variety of roles including Race Organisation, Track Marshals, Medical, Fire & Rescue, Recovery and more. Officials have a responsibility for ensuring the safety of competitors and spectators during events.

Do you want to begin your career as a Motorsport Volunteer Official? Then come and join our team of volunteer officials. Whether you have motorsport experience or not, new officials are always welcome to apply. New officials are trained and supported by other experienced officials within their assigned team and will develop friendships that will last a life time!

Volunteer Officials for the event are divided up into different teams, all with an important role. The name of each team is used when instructions are being issued prior to and during the event. Please refer to the table below for information on the different teams and their important role for events.

Team 01 - Race Administration

Covers the Secretary of the Meeting's assistants, and other specifically involved in the administration of the racing and the race organisation.

Team 02 - Senior Officials

Most of the senior officials: those working from Race Control, those in direct contact with Race Control, and the Chiefs of most of the specialist teams. Assistant Chiefs are usually listed in the teams of their specific activity. These positions generally require prior experience trackside or at previous motorcycle events.

Team 03 - Race Control Staff 

Communicators and assistants working in Race Control. These positions generally require prior experience trackside or at previous motorcycle events.

Team 04 - Sector Leaders

Senior trackside officials, one being in charge of each Sector of the track. Previous trackside experience required.

Team 05 - Radio Flag Marshals

Officials appointed to each Track/Flag Post around the circuit to give flag signals to the riders while they are on the track, and to use the radios linking all Flag Posts with Race Control. Previous trackside experience required.

Team 07 - Track Marshals

General Marshals around the circuit, based at Marshal Control Posts. Their duties include assisting the Fire & Medical personnel, clearing the track and assisting the Recovery crews. The Track Marshals are expected to check the track thoroughly between each session to remove debris which could cause a hazard to the next competitors using the track.

Track 08 - Pit Lane and Grid

Marshals who set up the starting grid before each race, and control vehicles and people in Pit Lane during events. They also control the Pit Exit, acting under direction from Race Control. This team includes the Tyre Checkers, who work from each garage during events to ensure that only the approved tyres are used.

Team 09 - Scrutineering

Scrutineers who check all motorcycles for compliance with the rules at the beginning of the Meeting (and at other times if required), examine any motorcycles involved in accidents prior to being permitted to return to the track, and conduct tyre checks on the GP bikes. Scrutineers work from the Support Paddock, Scrutineering Bay and Pit Lane as appropriate.

Team 10 - Fire Marshals

Trained Fire Marshals with regular Motor Sport experience. Some are allocated to maintain a protective cover on Pit Lane, and others are on the Fire Units, strategically placed to respond around the circuit.

Team 11 - Recovery

Trailer teams and their assistants, whose job it is to recover damaged and un-rideable bikes from around the circuit, and return them to the Paddock, or Scrutiny Bay as appropriate.

Team 12 - Timing

Timekeepers working from the timing tower below Race Control, overlooking the Start/Finish line. Their task is to record the time taken for every lap of every competitor during all qualifying sessions and races, and to produce the printed results of each race.

Team 13 - Paddock Marshals

Team controlling the Paddock areas and the access gates out to the restricted areas. They play a major role in aiding the competitors to get from to their paddock garages to the marshalling areas and back.

Team 14 - Boundary Riders

Team of Motorcycle Riders whose primary role is to return stranded riders back to the paddock area, but they are available to assist Race Control with a wide range of other duties that require mobility.

Team 15 - Medical

Specially trained doctors, nurses and paramedical staff available to provide medical intervention. They are based; in the Intervention Vehicles, on foot in some areas, and at the Medical Centre. Each Intervention Vehicle is manned by an experienced driver, a paramedical officer, and a doctor, and is equipped with portable medical equipment.

Team 16 - Equipment & Services

Team that handles anything that need to be done, but which isn't part of someone else's job, for example, extra fencing erection on signs. This team will also assist with the sign on tasks each morning, and "happy hour" each night. Servicing the Public Address system also fit into this team responsibilities.

* Motorcycling Australia Race Marshal's Handbook

Without our Volunteer Officials valuable contribution the Superbike World Championship would not have the reputation of a world class event!

Benefits of Officiating at the 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship Yamaha Finance Round include:

Two complimentary 3 day General Admission Guest Passes
FREE Camping for volunteer officials and up to two guests
10% discount on breakfast items for all Volunteer Officials at Infield Catering Outlet up until 8.00am each day
2016 Superbike World Championship Souvenir Pin
Accepted Officials have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Officials T-Shirt for a special price of $25.00
Officials Thank You BBQ on Saturday Night at the Muster Shed for all volunteer officials and their guests
Discounted Merchandise at the Muster Shed on Saturday Night (limited time only)

If you are a Motorsport Enthusiast and would like to join in on the action then why not register to become a Volunteer Official, please download the Official Application Kit and return to PI SBK Pty Ltd, RMB 500GP, COWES VIC 3922 or by fax 03 5952 3160.

Download The 2016 Officials Photo Here


Officials Testimonial

"We have just returned from our 3 week holiday in Australia, which included one week at Phillip Island of which we marshalled World Superbike practice, testing and race days.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to all your team that made us feel most welcome during the event. It was very good to get on 3 different posts over 5 days. The way you treat your marshals is second to none (we have marshalled in the UK and Europe). We especially enjoyed the go-karting event on the Monday night and also the amount of guest riders you had at the marshals hut at the end of the day was fantastic, which we have never experienced in 20 years of marshalling.

 Please can you pass on our greatest thanks to all your team for a fantastic time, especially Mal Percy, who invited us over after meeting at the Isle of Man TT 2 years ago."

Tony & Wendy Wakeham, United Kingdom

For the past five years my husband and I have been marshalling to the Grand Prix and Superbikes at Phillip Island. The circuit provides free camping, hot showers and lunch for the three days, a Saturday night barbecue and a few beers. I have just received a group photo of the marshals, a certificate and a thank-you letter from the circuit's MD, Fergus Cameron.

Having ridden for nearly 36 years, I felt it was time to give back to motorcycling. Though the days can be long, standing in either freezing temperatures or boiling sun, we have made some life-long friends, some we only see at Phillip Island, as we live in Brisbane.

Come on folks, get off your behinds and volunteer!

Prue & Michael Dick, Brisbane, QLD
Australian Motorcycle News, Vol 63 No 20 

“Hey there, my name is Tony and I’ve been a volunteer marshal with the World Superbikes at Phillip Island for many years.  It’s an outstanding experience – there’s no way to get any closer to the action unless you are actually racing! I’ve met hundreds of like-minded bike nuts and made quite a few close friends over the years.  I’ve even managed to get close enough to speak to some the gods of tarmac! If you love bikes, and bike racing, why not come along and give it a go – we’re always happy to include more of us in the team.  I’ll be there and, along with every single other marshal, we’ll welcome you to the fabulous Phillip Island circuit, help you learn the ropes and do our best to make sure you enjoy yourself with us. I’m sure you won’t regret it!”

Tony Bolin, Volunteer Marshal